Our curriculum is designed to ensure our pupils can be positive contributors as part of a global community and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed beyond Ilketshall St Lawrence . We want our children to enjoy school, to develop enthusiasm and a questioning approach to life that will prepare them for the future stages in their education.

The core skills of reading, writing and maths are at the heart of our curriculum. In addition to these subjects, from Year 1 the following subjects are taught:

Science French Geography History Religious Education Design and Technology Computing Art Music PE RSHE

There are three core threads or drivers to our curriculum ( see above link). These are global awareness, cultural awareness and individual aspiration.

Our Early Years Curriculum is designed to underpin what our children go on to learn in later years. For example, children will learn about 'A Journey back in time' which will introduce an understanding of chronology that will then act as a firm foundation for later learning.

Our curriculum is always under review. We constantly evaluate what the children learn and will adapt where necessary, in particular in response to contemporary events. In order to further enhance and develop our school curriculum we have added Cornerstones to our curriculum offer.

This approach to the children’s education is supplemented by a wide range of trips etc. to explore various other areas of the curriculum. We also celebrate the work of the children widely. Parents are invited to Celebration assembly each week which allows the whole school and parents to share the successes of the week, both academic and in attitudes to learning.

To find out about what your child is currently learning, please visit the separate Class Pages and look out so that you can talk to your children about what they are learning at the moment.