Pupil Voice

At Ilketshall we are always keen to hear what the children think about how things are going and we actively encourage them to see the power they have to make a difference in school and the wider world. To support this we encourage children from across the school to take on positions of responsiblity within the school by joining the following groups.

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is a group of children from across the school. Every class has up to 2 representatives in the group and they are responsible for bringing the views of their class to each meeting.

The group meets regularly and together they discuss how they can act on what children are saying. This can include running events to fundraise for things the children have said they would like or heading projects to support the local community, such as out Food Bank collection.

Eco Council

Our Eco Council is again made up of children across the school who meet regularly to discuss how they can encourage the school to become more environmentally friendly.

The group has arranged recycling projects, promoted the energy hour and created a school eco code. They have also been highly successful in helping the school to achieve an Eco Flag, which we are all very proud of!

Young Ambassadors

Our Year 5 children are part of the Young Ambassadors project. This project allows the group to choose an area they have identified in their local area as needing support. Together they plan how they can make a difference and work as a team to create that change. It is wonderful to see the ideas they have and the commitment they show to making that change happen!