Independent Individual Inspiring Inventive

These are the core values of our school and underpin everything we do:

  • To instill a love of learning - We believe that we should be offering every child the opportunity to learn about a broad range of subjects that excite and engage them, that develop those moments of awe and wonder and allow them the opportunity to thrive, not only as learners but also as people.

  • To develop independent thinkers - We want our children to ask questions, to challenge themselves and each other, to be curious and brave.

  • To encourage individuality and celebrate difference - This is about respect and valuing each other, about being connected. It is about tolerance and consideration for our friends and neighbours, both locally and globally; it is also about looking after ourselves. We will only flourish and grow if we get this right.

  • To support every child to achieve their full potential - excellence is important to us. We want our children to be accomplished and knowledgeable in a wide range of situations.