Well-being and Mental Health

At Ilketshall St Lawrence Primary School, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We have a supportive and caring ethos and our approach is respectful and kind, where each individual and their contribution is valued. At our school we know that everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable and at times, anyone may need additional emotional support. We take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play. To see our mental health and well-being policy please follow this link.Mental Health and well-being

Blurt it Out!

The Blurt Peer Project is all about mental health and how it affects the way we think, feel and behave. Just like our physical health, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it is not-so-good and there are lots of things we can do to look after our mental wellbeing.

The Blurt Peer Project is all about bringing awareness and understanding of mental health to young people, aged 4-25, up and down the country. Teaching children to verbalise their emotions and explain how we are feeling encourages them to talk to each other in a constructive manner. The hope is this will help provide them with the skills they need to be more resilient and positive about their own emotions, as well as empathetic towards others. We incorporate this ethos into our school day by putting some time aside each half-term for a new project which is then followed up in PSHE lessons and talked about in assemblies.

The topics that we have been covering have included:

What Are Emotions? What Do Emotions Feel Like? Are Feelings Okay? Who Can We Talk To? Self-Care And Boundaries, Kindness, Identity, Resilience And Problem Solving

We hope that by teaching our students about mental health and self-care, we can help them to talk about how they’re feeling, know where to get help if they need it, and teach them skills for managing the ups and downs of life.

For further information on the Blurt Peer Project please follow this link. Blurt it Out!